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A fast-paced couch competitive farming game for up to 8 players.
To become the best farmer you must sabotage and steal while defending your crops and animals! Play in teams or alone!

About the game

Plow, water, harvest and sell. Collect resources from animals!

Use offensive, defensive and utility items!

Random events that unexpectedly shifts the pacing of the match!

Play with different characters that match your personality!

The one that sells the most within the time limit will become the best farmer!

The match lasts 5 minutes, making it a frenetic and chaotic experience. Try selling as much as you can to be the winner while facing other players.

You have to find the balance between taking care of your farm and sabotaging the other's - but you won't have time to think it through.

Play online!

Join your friends' room or even a stranger. Win coins by playing and completing daily challenges to be able to buy new characters and skins.

Want to challenge your friends to see who can be the best farmer?
Wishlist right now on Steam!